The filtration of water through geologic elements is an important element of the taste of place (or goût de terroir in French). We want to drink water that has been filtered through 2,000 feet of basalt lava, it tastes better and it makes us feel better about the purity of our water. These TERROIR STRAWS take this concept to the extreme: this set of drinking straws contain sands and stones from four different places to filter water and give it the flavor profile of the origin sites for the minerals. The four straws are: akadama from Japan, stones and flecks of gold from the Bering Straight, quartz sands from Lake Superior, and lava from Hawai'i.  

In a way, these straws are an index of what Timothy Morton calls "hyperobjects," in this case of the supply chain shuffling of geologic materials, but they also reference the hyperobject of water and all of it's semiotic tentacles.

Note: This is a speculative sculptural object of contemplation that is not intended for actual use.

This is a numbered work that comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. As a numbered work this piece requires a signed contract for the sale of an artwork with moral rights and resale royalty rights prior to shipment. 


*hand for scale, not included.