This installation/floor sculpture consists of iron oxide concretions set in a circle according to an instruction protocol. Below is the description for the work. 

"This PARKING LOT CIRCLE is made of stones collected over a decade of walking through parking lots, most often grocery stores where they are used as ground cover in tree circles, French drains, and parking lot islands. The stones are acquired on my walks into and out of grocery stores. In the store I engage as a participant in supply chain logic that moves materials from one place to another place. These stones have been moved from one place to the next place in an economy of mediocre suburban aesthetics. I have removed them again. The protocol for installing these stones requires that they do not touch, but there is no ranking or order of placement dictated for the stones. The only requirement for placement is the inset circle surrounded by a ring, reminiscent of a push button which always closes a circuit of some sort. I have closed many circles in the collection of these stones as I take these walks and make these circles. To and from the store. Completing transactions inside the store. My purchased prompting buyers to order stock from suppliers to meet demand. Et cetera. These iron oxide concretions are shells of iron oxide encasing a softer core of pigment clay, ochres and rusty reds. Previously, stones like this were called "paint-pots" as they were believed to be painting tools used by earlier inhabitants. Now they are simply landscaping rocks shoveled like gravel by landscapers into parking lots to make another kind of mark."

This is a numbered work that comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. As a numbered work this piece requires a signed contract for the sale of an artwork with moral rights and resale royalty rights prior to shipment.