GEOCOG helps organizations create transformational experiences that use the senses and emotions to tell better stories with the spaces & content they design. 

We take a hands-on approach to solving problems with you: we sit in as active participants in your design meetings, we run project-specific workshops for your team, we meet you for coffee, you get our full attention.


We do these kinds of things...



  • architectural services

  • audience engagement

  • sensory-emotional design

  • exhibition design

  • path design & dwell time

  • communications strategies


  • specific to your project

  • design charrettes

  • specific for your audience

  • team development

  • mindfulness workshops

  • sensory workshops



  • master plan research

  • audience research

  • spatial attention audits for sites

  • cognitive audits for users

  • design ethnography

  • human factors research


  • website design & development

  • email marketing that people actually read

  • content development

  • social media storytelling for conferences


We've done things for these nice friends:

  • SLA Architects (Copenhagen)

  • Cleveland Institute of Art

  • Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • MONU Magazine & B.O.A.R.D. (Rotterdam)

  • SPACES (Cleveland)

  • Archinect

  • Cleveland Mini Maker Faire

  • Cargill (Cleveland)

  • Architecture Office

  • KERB, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne)

  • Punctum Books (NYC)


Let's start with a project...

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Not ready to commit? That's ok, we'll be here when you're ready. In the meantime, check out Hack the Experience: Tools for Artists from Cognitive Science, which recently cracked top ten in museum studies books on Amazon.

It's a book that lays out templates for sensory experiences, emotional cueing through materials and environments, cross-sensory design, path design, spatial narratives and environmental works.